It is time for CHANGE!

Think Differently. 

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Segregated System 

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Inclusive Schools and Communities 

3 ways to advocate for Inclusive Schools and Communities


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Club Members learn and spread awareness and knowledge about disabilities and inclusion.


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Club Members create opportunities for youth of all abilities to spend time together--accepting, respecting, interacting, involving, supporting, and developing authentic friendship--to bring out the best in each other.

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Club Members promote and participate in inclusion advocacy within their schools and communities.


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Club Members take action to build inclusion within their schools and communities, and to support equal access and opportunities for all youth to thrive, achieve, and succeed.

DEVELOP Natural Environments, Ratios, and Support



Segregated Schools and Communities                                                                                           Inclusive Schools and Communities

Buildings:  school, jobs, Sports/Extracurriculars, Housing, Social                                                Same Buildings

Label as: (Group Programs for People with Disabilities)                                                                Label as:  (Community)

Environment:  Segregated Disability Site                                                                                           Environment:  Natural Community

Population Ratio:  100% persons with disabilities                                                                            Population Ratio:  15% persons with disabilities

Supports:  Family                                                                                                                                      Supports:  Family

                     Youth:  volunteers, helpers, teacher assistants                                                                      Neighbors, Employers, Community Groups                     

                    Friends:  Often limited to Youth with Disabilities                                                                           Peers, Friends

                    Paid Providers                                                                                                                                           Paid Personal and Job Assistants


BUILD Authentic Friendships

Jacob & Sarah Pic with friend quote

All youth need Authentic Friends