Identify inequality in your schools or community. Create equal opportunities for people of ALL abilities.


Create opportunities for ability inclusion within your school and community. You may create a new inclusive opportunity, or make an existing opportunity inclusive for people of all abilities.


Students, teachers, parents, and/or community members lead Create Inclusion Projects .


Create Inclusion Projects take place in school or community sites – such as workplaces, churches, or recreation centers.


Projects may take place anytime over the course of a year, beginning with online Project Registration and ending with a Project Report.

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Individuals with disabilities are often excluded from opportunities that other people have. Many opportunities are offered separately for those with disabilities and those without. Both exclusion and segregation are unfair and unequal, and often lead to isolation, loneliness, and lack of access, skills, or purpose for people with disabilities. Inclusive opportunities lead to equity and happy, productive lives.


  • Impact lives by promoting inclusive schools and communities

  • Learn about ability inclusion and how to be an inclusive person

  • Gain leadership skills and collect community service hours

  • Earn Service or Leadership Awards

  • Stand out on college and job applications ,and as a leader in your school or community

  • Earn the "SAF Ambassador" title and a SAF Top Project Award

  • Join the SAF Ability Inclusion Movement!

  • Meet new people, have fun, and SCORE a friend!





  • Complete and implement a School Inclusion Action Plan

  • Complete student Individualized Inclusion Plans

  • Create inclusive school courses

  • Create inclusive extracurricular opportunities

  • Create inclusive school events/social opportunities

  • Provide ability inclusion training to staff, students, parents, and community members


  • Complete and implement an Organizational Inclusion Action Plan

  • Complete community member Individualized Inclusion Plans

  • Create inclusive job, housing, recreation, and social opportunities

  • Provide ability inclusion training to organizations and community members


  • Develop individualized supports for inclusive opportunities

  • Develop assistive technology to support inclusive opportunities

  • Provide ability inclusion training to individualized natural supports and support staff

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