The Problem


Ableism + segregation + exclusion =

Children with disabilities who are isolated, bullied, abused, and barred from realizing their rights and access to healthcare, education, employment, happiness, friendship, purpose, and even survival. 

“Children with disabilities are one of the most marginalized and excluded groups of children, experiencing widespread violations of their rights. Discrimination arises not as a result of the intrinsic nature of children’s disability, but rather, as a consequence of lack of understanding and knowledge of its causes and implications, fear of difference, fear of contagion or contamination, or negative religious or cultural views of disability. It is further compounded by poverty, social isolation, humanitarian emergencies, lack of services and support, and a hostile and inaccessible environment. Too often, children with disabilities are defined and judged by what they lack rather than what they have. Their exclusion and invisibility serves to render them uniquely vulnerable, denying them respect for their dignity, their individuality, even their right to life itself”. (UNICEF Fact Sheet on children with disabilities, 2013)

The Solution

Inclusion = 

Children of all abilities are happy, healthy, educated, skilled, employed, and contributing to society - with friendships and equal opportunities that support reaching their full potential. 

“There is clear and consistent evidence that inclusive educational settings can confer substantial short- and long-term benefits for students with and without disabilities” (Harvard/Abt Associates, A Summary on the Evidence of Inclusive Education, 2016)

For people without disabilities, the benefits of inclusion extend into the workplace… employing people with disabilities creates a positive impact on a company’s work culture and environment, fosters the development of conflict resolution skills, and increases the self-motivation of employees” (Harvard/Abt Associates, A Summary on the Evidence of Inclusive Education, 2016)

Our Approach

Score A Friend ‘s Goal is to inspire and activate the next generation to create an inclusive world


Short Term Goals

School and Community-based Clubs that build global Inclusion Champions; and spread inclusion awareness, education, advocacy, and equal opportunities for people of all abilities. 

Long Term Goals

Equal opportunities for people of all abilities worldwide.