Eliana Wackerman

I started SAF at LSU with my freshman roommate, Melissa Morgan. I cannot put into words how much this organization changed my life. From starting to advocate as a young college student for members of my community to planning and implementing all new events on a large SEC campus, I have learned more from this club than I could ever give to it. SAF has allowed me an avenue to stand up for what I believe in, show the world my leadership skills, and help my community better itself. I look forward to carrying what I learned as a student leader in SAF into my every day life, and helping others in and out of SAF better their community and our global society.

I am currently a second year (2L) law student at Paul M. Hebert Law Center at Louisiana State University. I am pursuing a JD and a Graduate Diploma in Comparative Law. After graduation I plan to work for the federal government in international law. I still advocate for the community SAF is building and I hope to take the lessons learned from SAF into my professional career.



Kathryn Jenkins and Cobilynn Rogers have partnered together along with many other wonderful advocates to bring more inclusion into Utah schools, and the community. They focus on providing inclusive resources, encouraging parent advocacy, and consulting on how to make school and community events more accessible. Kathryn Jenkins is a mom of three young boys. Her oldest son has autism and in her words, “It changed my life in all the best ways despite that many challenges we face. I made a promise that if he would try in this world, I would try as well to prepare a world for him, where he could succeed”. She resides in the North Salt Lake area in Utah. She started a design and outreach business called Inclusion Project in 2016. In 2018, Kathryn published her first picture book titled, Inclusion Alphabet. Since then, she has been speaking in schools and to the community about why inclusion matters to everyone. Cobilynn Rogers is a mom of four spirited children. Her two oldest children, 11 & 9, were diagnosed with learning disabilities and her youngest son, 19mo, was diagnosed with autism. She says “her children have taught her more than anyone about the importance of inclusion, play and love in this world.” Cobilynn lives in the Salt Lake valley of Utah where over the years she has enjoyed creating many fundraising and awareness events for autism. An inclusion advocate is a title she wears daily as the voice for her son. Joining forces with Score a Friend is a dream come true!