Inclusion has the power to change lives. 

“My journey with Score A Friend has been unforgettable! From founding SAFLSU at 1:00 AM in my freshman dorm room with Melissa Morgan to hosting events for Special Olympics of Louisiana to educating others on the need to be inclusive, I have never felt more pride in what I have done. My time advocating for people of all abilities across the United States has left an imprint on my heart and mind that I will never and would never want to be removed as it has instilled in me an active mind to look out for others, advocate for all, and to always think before I speak.”
-Eliana Wackerman, President of Score A Friend at LSU
“From the start, I have been privileged to be personally involved in this terrific organization. Score A Friend is an organization that really keeps me engaged in spreading the power of meaningful friendships. It is an organization that channels all of the possibilities that kindness and community can bring about. One of those possibilities is that a lonely young girl with Down Syndrome might Score A Friend for life”.
-Hanna Atkinson, SAF Community Member


Where We are Now

Current Clubs


  1. Colorado State University

  2. Mead High School

  3. Regis Jesuit High School

  4. Legend High School

  5. STEM Highlands Ranch High School 


  1. Louisiana State University



Where We Are Going

We are working with 90+ schools in 18 states and 4 different countries to launch new SAF Clubs this year. 

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