Our Mission

We create opportunities for inclusion and friendship for people of all abilities by providing inclusion awareness, education, and activation strategies, while inspiring and leading the next generation to build a more inclusive world.


inequality: the problem our world is trying to solve

“Persons with disabilities face discrimination and barriers that restrict them from participating in society on an equal basis with others every day. They are denied their rights to be included in the general school system, to be employed, to live independently in the community, to move freely, to vote, to participate in sport and cultural activities, to enjoy social protection, to access justice, to choose medical treatment and to enter freely into legal commitments such as buying and selling property” (United Nations).


inclusion is the solution

Inclusion allows people of all abilities to learn, play, work, lead, and achieve together - supporting each other to reach their greatest potential. For years, inclusion researchers have documented the benefits of inclusion for people of all abilities.  According to a 2016 Harvard study, students of all abilities within inclusive classrooms increase math and reading skills, decrease behavioral issues, reduce fear of human differences, increase comfort and awareness, grow in social cognition and self-concept, and cultivate friendships.


there are Barriers preventing inclusion

Many individuals without disabilities lack knowledge and understanding of their peers with disabilities.  This is because we exclude and segregate people with disabilities and show our children that this is ok. Because there are few opportunities for people of different abilities to connect with each other, myths and misinformation run rampant.  Many believe that individuals with disabilities are well cared for the the “disability world”. Many believe that individuals with disabilities have lots of friends - referring to their peers with disabilities or paid staff in their special education classrooms or community day programs.  Many believe that all individuals with disabilities are being educated, learning skills, and accessing full and purposeful lives. Many believe that people with differences have negative effects on the learning, working, and living environments of their peers. Many of these beliefs are incorrect.  Until we create inclusive opportunities for people of all abilities to interact and learn from each other, our world will remain the same -- a place where people struggle apart when they could just as easily thrive together.


Score a friend is breaking down the barriers to inclusion

To combat these barriers we need to spread awareness, provide education, and activate and inspire a new generation of inclusive leaders committed to building a more inclusive world. Welcome to Score A Friend.