Zach lives in Loveland, Colorado where he leads an active life writing and speaking about living with disabilities. His simple message teaches that people with disabilities have many of the same qualities as those without disabilities and that people with disabilities can and should follow their dreams.

Zach started writing children’s books in 2008 beginning with the Carlos Series, Carlos Goes to Preschool, and Carlos Rides the School Bus. Carlos was born with Cerebral Palsy (CP) and uses a wheelchair. The books follow his experiences in school and riding the bus. Zach’s latest series is all about the “Disability Gang” and starts off with the disability blindness in Abby Goes to the Farm. Zach expands his focus from CP to other disabilities including blindness, autism, deafness, down syndrome, and polio. The remaining books in the series include JT’s Big Day about autism, Emily and the Golden Skate about deafness, A Field Trip to Remember about Cerebral Palsy, and Down Syndrome. The book was co-authored with a 5th grade boy from Loveland named Christian to motivate him to use his language more. The last book is about FDR the only president to be in a wheelchair permanently and his battle with polio.

Follow the adventures of each character as they explore our world and share it from their unique perspectives. As well as writing, Zach speaks at various events around Colorado helping to educate young and old about disabilities as well as to inspire those with a disability.

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Laura greichen

Laura is a sophomore at STEM Highlands Ranch in Douglas County, Colorado. Laura is working on a Girl Scout Gold Award Project called “Lights. Camera. Inclusion.”. She has a brother with an Autism Spectrum Disorder and is passionate about spreading the importance of inclusion. Both Special Olympics and Youth Service America awarded her grants to support this project. She is making a 7 video series to spread inclusion awareness and education in the world. For her project, she is looking for a variety of individuals to interview.

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