CHALLENGE THE STATUS QUO. Create an inclusive world for everyone.


SAF Clubs are school or community-based ability inclusion education, leadership, and service clubs for youth, teachers, parents, and community members that want to connect with peers and have fun while learning and taking action to build a more inclusive world.


Students (Elementary through College), Teacher Sponsors (Youth-led clubs), Parents, and Community Members.


Score A Friend Clubs take place in school or community sites – such as workplaces, churches, or recreation centers.


Club Registration is open year-round.Typically, clubs start annually in August and Club Reports are due annually in May.

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Persons with disabilities face discrimination and barriers that restrict them from participating in society on an equal basis with others. People with disabilities are often excluded or segregated in separate settings away from people without disabilities - leading to a lack of friends, education, jobs, recreation, and housing. To solve this problem, we need to change the cultural mindset around disability, and build inclusive opportunities within our schools and communities that bring people together to reach their greatest potentials. To do this, we need SAF Clubs in schools and communities to inspire, educate and activate a new generation of inclusive leaders committed to building an inclusive world.


  • Impact lives by promoting inclusive schools and communities

  • Learn about ability inclusion and how to be an inclusive person

  • Gain leadership skills and collect community service hours

  • Earn Service or Leadership Awards

  • Stand out on college and job applications ,and as a leader in your school or community

  • Earn the "SAF Ambassador" title and a SAF Top Project Award

  • Join the SAF Ability Inclusion Movement!

  • Meet new people, have fun, and SCORE a friend!




  • Community-based or School-based - (elementary school through college)

  • A minimum of 5 Youth Leaders

  • Community-based clubs may partner with school-based clubs

  • School-based clubs are supported by Teacher Sponsor(s) or Advisor(s) per school club policy

  • School-based clubs are encouraged to partner with their school-based SAF Parent-led Club for support, advocacy, and fundraising.

  • Youth leaders are encouraged to liaison with area Special Olympics/ Youth Activation Committee to create a Special Olympics Unified School

  • SAF provides School Club Approval Forms for first year clubs


  • Community-based or School-based - (preschool through college)

  • A minimum of 5 Parent Leaders

  • Clubs are encouraged to partner with the school PTO/PTA and/or serve as a Booster Club

  • Clubs are encouraged to partner with their school SAF Youth-led Club to provide support, advocacy, and fundraising

  • Clubs may partner with a SAF Community Club to build school and community networks for inclusion


  • Community-based - in work places, advocacy organizations, churches, recreation centers, youth or adult leadership groups, etc.

  • A minimum of 5 Community Leaders

  • Clubs may partner with a school-based SAF Youth or Parent-led Club to build community and school networks for inclusion

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