Take on an Inclusion Awareness Project

Join SAF in spreading inclusion awareness with the world.  Students, teachers, parents, and/or community members can carry out an Inclusion Awareness Project at their school or within their community.  

Project Examples:

  1. Write inclusion poems in class

  2. Host an Awareness Day or SAF fundraiser

  3. Complete a SAF Kit For A Cause Project

  4. Make a video about inclusion

How pursuing an Inclusion Awareness Project can help you:

  1. Collect community service hours

  2. Meet requirements for Girl/Boy Scouts or Community Leadership Awards

  3. Stand out on college or job applications

  4. Have fun and make a difference in your community!

Next Steps:

  1. Download the FREE Inclusion Awareness Project Guide to access planning tools and ideas 

  2. Use the SAF Pinterest Page for additional ideas.  

  3. Register your project through the SAF website and access DISCOUNTED SAF apparel.

  4. Purchase your SAF Kit for a Cause as needed in the online Store 

    • Depending on your location, free SAF Kits for a Cause and/or project grant funds may be available.

Project Completion and AWARDS   

  1. Complete the SAF Project Report when you are finished to qualify for a Top Project Award.

  2. Awards will be announced annually in January. SAF is available to support you along the way and will share your project on social media and the SAF website.