Score A Friend Clubs

School-based Clubs


SAF Youth-Led Clubs

SAF Clubs are education, leadership, and service clubs for youth - elementary, through college - who want to connect with other youth and have fun while learning about inclusion and taking action to build a more inclusive world.  SAF Clubs are unique to their schools and adapt to their members, school climate, and community.  Adult Teacher Sponsors/Advisors support youth members to create everyday opportunities for youth of all abilities to thrive, lead, and succeed - together - in their schools and communities.       


SAF Parent-Led Booster Clubs/Committees

SAF Parent Booster Clubs (high schools and colleges) / Committees (elementary and middle schools PTO/PTA) are Parent Organizations that support, advocate, and fundraise for SAF Youth-led Clubs, and inclusive school and community programs.  SAF Parent Booster Clubs/Committees partner with SAF, Inc. to connect, educate, and activate parents to champion inclusion in their schools and communities.



NEW SAF Community clubs

SAF, Inc. will be launching a new Community Club Program in 2019.  SAF Community Clubs partner with SAF, Inc. to connect, educate, and activate community members and organizations to champion inclusion in their communities.   

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